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I made Gargoyle Abyss for the Ludum Dare 30 Jam. You play as a gargoyle on an adventure through the abyss. It's a very short game (only one room / level currently) but I'm hoping to expand on it. I recently decided to hide the Gargoyle Abyss demo since it is so short. I may still expand on it in the future.

Gargoyle Abyss was made using Game Maker. Mike Turzanski did the soundtrack for the game (please give his Soundcloud a visit!)


Feel free to look me up on Instagram to stay in touch with any current dev updates I'm working on.


Thanks for checking out Gargoyle Abyss!

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Published2 years ago
TagsAction-Adventure, demon, Flight, hell, lovecraftian, monster, portals
Player countSingleplayer